Social Media Marketing: How important is it for promoting your business?

It is not possible to ignore social media when we need to promote our business, why? Because as per the social media perspective, the number of social media users is increasing day by day! As of now, more than 3.2 billion population around the world is using social media i.e. more than 40% of the world’s total population is using social media on the daily basis. Internet users spend an average of 2 to 3 hours socializing on different social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, WhatsApp. Then why not take advantage of these social media platforms to promote our brands? It is called social media marketing.

Now a number of businesses had already started marketing their brands on social media platforms and they are progressing quite well! This platform has helped them in generating new leads and earning revenues.

Have you not yet started using social media for promoting your business? Just earning revenues or generating leads are not the benefits of social media marketing, there are quite a few more benefits from it like- 

1. Increasing your brand visibility:

The social media network helps in increasing your brand visibility on the web along with your reputation. Through networking, your brand becomes known to suppliers, partners, and competitors and especially to your future customers, with the help of the principle of information visibility.

2.Social Media Optimization (SMO):

For the last few years, people are talking about Social Media Optimization (SMO) or Social Media Marketing. Let me tell you the standard definition of SMO-“The SMO is a set of techniques that can attract visitors to the contents of your website or products or services or business through the promotion of these via social networks”.

The purpose of SMO is to improve traffic to your website through the social referencing and to improve the visibility of your website on the search engine result pages through natural referencing.

3. Winning new customers and retaining old ones:

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. are good ways to diversify and increase your sources of customer acquisition. Social media ads are helpful in targeting new audiences or customers as per their interests and interactivity. These ads can become a useful tool to use for your commercial purpose and also in your approach for loyalty towards your customers.

4. Social networking sites that has become obligatory:

Social media has become a trend, which a few years ago, was a fad, just for a communication purpose; but today they have become a necessity for many people and businesses in their own right. Today, who does not use Facebook or Twitter? A number of businesses, companies, and people use social networks for both professional and personal contexts. However, it is necessary to choose social networks depending upon your target and business and decide your message accordingly. You must therefore do research work.

5. Instant Large-scale communication:

Social media marketing will help you and your business reach an audience across a wide geographical area both locally and around the world. Another benefit of using social networks is to broadcast your messages in real-time. Your customers can approach you directly for your products or services. They can also express their reviews or feedback about the products and services that you have provided them and the queries which you have solved through instant communication.

6. Low cost communication:

Unlike traditional media marketing such as television, radio, newspaper, or paid search on Google Adwords, marketing your products and services on social networks is free. You can publish your business’s creative posts on almost any social media platform totally free. But if you decide to boost your post with Facebook Ads, you need to pay, of course.

One more point to which I want to draw your attention is to the fact that it is really very important to communicate regularly on social networks with powerful messages that are of interest to your readers or customers. It will take time, but you may recruit a community manager, or an external communication expert or simply acquire skills in this area.

7. Manage your Online Reputation:

Another important advantage of using social media networks is to regulate and improve the online reputation of your brand. It is important for almost all the companies, to have a good image on the web therefore as a business owner you need to take care of your reputation and feedbacks from your customers since internet users submit their opinions on the products and services which they use and the reviews or opinions are the primary thing that everyone looks for before purchasing a product. Negative reviews will help you to realize where your business lags. Never hesitate to answer negative feedbacks, reply to them appropriately and try to solve the problem and also communicate once the problem gets solved since customer reviews are the ones which you can’t edit or delete and your future potential buyers are the ones who are going to read them. So, customer satisfaction is the key to success. I want to give you a tip here that always encourages your customers to leave their feedback on your social media pages. You must be properly able to manage the presence of your business on new web technologies.

8. Create a community or group:

Being present on social networks allows you to build a community and I would even suggest you develop more engagement with it. Always keep in mind to keep your current “customers” but also try to win new ones. If you publish interesting and original content that appeals to your readers, they will want to like, comment, and even want to share your publications. They can also contact you and interact with you. The development work of a community is long, so arm yourself with patience before reaching out to thousands of customers. You can create a group of your users on Facebook and invite others to join it.

9. Get to know your customers

With the help of social networks, you can establish a strong connection with your wholesalers by creating privileged relations with them, and above all, it is a way for you to know them better by asking them questions, by proposing them offers, etc. LinkedIn is a social networking platform, using which you can expand your professional networks and can connect with others for business.

10. Give importance to your activity

Being present on social networks gives value ​​to your expertise and credibility to your company while making it more human. You can express your views and opinions with a message on the latest updates regarding the business or national calamities and it will increase the credibility of your brand. Thus, users will have more confidence in you.

11. Highlight your news:

Social networks are considered as an ideal marketing tool to communicate any news especially commercial purpose news like promotions, sales, end of the stock, or offers. Social media users are fond of good deals on the web and they do not hesitate to share them. Your customers will also appreciate you to know about your new products or services. Even you can also share the news of any crisis or tragedy with a company. Or if your competitor is purposefully misleading your customers about your services, then you can convey this with a broadcasting message or by a tweet to your customers.

 12. A tool related to your blog:

Once you have written and published an article or a blog, you must share it regularly on social networks, so that you can attract more readers and can drive more traffic towards your blog. In addition to this, creating interesting content on social networks is a source of additional traffic to your website.


Now that you have understood the benefits of social media networks in your digital marketing strategy, I would like to suggest you to immediately start working towards it! Admittedly, it is a long work that will not immediately bear fruit, but in the long term, you can easily measure the returns. And of course, you always have the opportunity to be accompanied by the web professionals of 5Digital Social Media Marketing!

Pooja Patil, from Nashik, is a Digital Marketing Executive at 5digital, a Digital Marketing Services Company. Pooja has more than 3 years of experience working as a Technical Support Engineer, Content Writer, and SEO Specialist. She likes reading, writing, listening to music, and traveling.

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