Web hosting and its types

Web Hosting & Types of Host: Which web hosting service you should buy

What is Web Hosting?

The first question that comes to your mind about website hosting is, What is WEB HOSTING? . Let me clear you, It is a platform where you can give your business service an internet platform in simple terms it enables you to publish your website on the internet. Let’s understand these by simple language So when you buy or rent a shop the place on which you have a shop is a host in the internet market. In the same way, the stuff kept in a shop same stuff on a digital platform is called files and folders and data, host act as a place where you can keep your data available publicly on the internet and get the boom to your Business.

Let’s have a Look at the technical definition of Hosting and Website

Web Hosting

         Web Hosting is nothing but a server where we can store and operate all website-related activities and data. We require hosting for different purposes. Depending upon the need and budget, we can acquire hosting platforms. We can have a multiple choice of hosting according to our requirement.


A website is nothing but a digital representation of our business, idea, or information. We can access the particular website using an IP address or domain name. Most of the branded websites use or prefer domain names Because it is very easy to retain in the mind of netizens. All this data of any website is handled by hosting platforms.

Why it is important to choose the correct web hosting services?

Firstly know what is your need to run your business on a Digital Platform?. This gives you the idea to choose the suitable type of web hosting for your business. There are two sides to a coin in the same way everything has its advantage or disadvantage. You need to choose which suits you the best. The image that is given below shows types of Web hosting platforms and they differ somehow from each other in sharing, easily accessible, and other terms as well.

Types of web hosting

We will see some of the basic types of hosting, provided by hosting providers.

                      1] Dedicated Hosting

                      2] VPS Hosting

                      3] Shared Hosting

We will go through these in depth of each hosting one by one:

1] Dedicated Hosting :

  • The complete CPU or Machine is only dedicated to one website or one organizational data or website activities.
  • Data transfer speed is very high for this type of hosting because of a single client.
  • More support and services are offered for this because they are specialized for the only unique organizational tasks.
  • The security of this hosting is ultra-high because it has special features and high hosting rates.
  • Rates vary of dedicated hosting is starting from 5000 INR per month.
  • It is most prominent for establishing businesses or for the big pocket client whose prime concern is all about security.

2] VPS Hosting : – (Virtual private server)

  • If we create a virtual private machine for a specific purpose and make it available for operational use, it is VPS.
  • We can create a virtual instance of operating systems which is then dedicated to some function.
  • This also works the same as dedicated servers.
  • It is mostly used to reduce hardware costs and fall over servers.
  • Each instance of a private server has dedicated access to the dedicated client.
  • There are various VPS hosting companies available that give the VPS on what the configuration requires.

3] Shared Hosting :

  • Shared Hosting is nothing but the separation of hosting platforms of a single server physically or virtually as per the business requirement.
  • Multiple websites are run on a large web server using the shared resources of that server and make the use of it more optimum.
  • This is a very suitable service for starting up websites. OR when traffic and data are less.
  • Shared hosting is ideal for small websites, blogs, and portfolios.
  • The price range of shared hosting varies from  150 INR per onth according to what other services and support clients’ require.
  • It is a very low-cost hosting service that allocates only that many amounts of resources which is only required to run that website.
  • We can also expand and shrink this hosting in the future as per the business needs.
  • As it reduces the price and available in a very cheap amount, we also have to do some compromises on the security level.
  • As we just pay what we require to run the website but, will reduce the efficiency of the website.

Which Web Hosting is Good for You?

How you can decide which web hosting is best for your business? I will tell you the points which you need to consider when you choose the best out of all for your business.

  • Speed: In today‚Äôs world all the people need quick support, so choose a host which has a better speed.
  • 24/7 Support: All our problems need to get solved at any time, so better to be wise you choose who gives your support around the clock.
  • Cost-effective: When the question comes to pay we think of our budget, so which fits in your budget please select that web host.
  • Refundable: This may be new for you, In today’s world literally no one offers you a refund, so in this Digital world so better to select the Web host which gives you a Refund if you not like the services of that particular Web host so that you get assured that your money is in safe hand.
  • Easy to Use: Everyone needs a shortcut and easy way to do something or understand, so if in this platform if we can get the server easy to use will always be better for our customer and our technician also.

Available Web Hosting in Market?

There are different types of Web Hosting companies in the market, you need to choose your suitable and best fit for your business as I mentioned earlier. I will personally state some of the Web Hosting platforms, this is not a marketing of any specific company, you know better enough which is good for you. As this is not a paid promotion because I want my reader to choose the best for them, I will just show you a route or way. The decision is on you my lovely and faithful reader. There are charges as you give rent to a shop owner same you need to give here.


We will conclude this topic that which web hosting company you need to select so to make your business or build it on an online platform. I will say to all my fellow readers and businessman to please take the best platform of web hosting so as to reach out to millions of people or users to get a boom to your business.

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