What are backlinks? Various ways of link building activities for SEO

What are Backlinks?

A Backlink is essentially a link to another from one website. A backlink is a recommended activity for website ranking and website performance. High-quality backlinks will help improve the ranking status of a blog/site and boost search engine traffic.

The best way to understand backlinks can be through the conversations of the website.

For example, Chetan is a blogger, and he is interested in writing about superheroes.

Another blogger, Ritika, links to Chetan’s article while sharing her point of view. As she herself writes about a topic on her Site about motivational heroes, this helps creates a backlink to Chetan’s post.

Let’s have a look at different types of backlinks

There are basically two types of backlinks:

Do-Follow Backlinks​ -​ Do-follow backlinks helps boost your search engine rankings. The most valuable backlink is the backlink which is coming from a high domain authority site. This type of backlinks passes the link juice to the other.

No-Follow Backlink​ -​ This type of backlink is not helpful to increase your search engine ranking. They don’t pass any link juice to our website. These backlinks are ignored by a search engine. A no-follow link is a link that contains a rel=”nofollow” attribute in its HTML code.

When should you use no-follow links?

  1. Pages you don’t want to endorse
  2. Sponsored links
  3. Affiliate links
  4. User-generated content

How to Check whether the link is Nofollow or Dofollow

There are different  ways to do check whether the link is nofollow or dofollow:

  1. Firstly Check the HTML code
  2. You can try using an extension
  3. You can also use backlink analysis tools

Link Building Activities

Blog Commenting​:

Blog commenting is one of the best ways to make your blog social, get backlinks on your website, and get traffic on your blog. Your backlink graph will expand with an effective blog commenting strategy. Leave comments and your website link on reputed blogs.

Forum Posting:

​Forum posting refers to the creation of quality inbound links by engaging in online discussion forums. Allows you to post new posts and respond to old ones to drive traffic to your blog. Leave a link while answering the questions asked by people on a website.

Guest Posting​:

Guest Blogging is a content marketing and SEO technique where someone writes and publishes a blog post on a third-party website or blog to promote their personal/corporate brand. Write a blog for someone on their website which has your link in it.

Article Submission:

Write an article and post it on a third-party website. It’s the method by which you compose articles that are relevant to your company and submit them to the popular article submission directories. The main goal is to draw a large number of visitors to your website. Write an article/blog and submit it to a higher domain authority website.

Press Release Submission​:

Press release submission refers to writing about the company’s latest activities, goods, or services and posting them to PR pages. It’s an off-page SEO technique that lets you make your activities, products, or services more popular on the web to boost the SEO of your site. submit your article on an online news content website.

PDF/PPT Submission​:

PDF submission is an off-page SEO technique that is one of the most influential ways to backlink. It helps to upload a PDF to different sites and to make your website as visible as possible. PDF documents can be configured for higher ranking in search engine results. Create a PDF or PPT and submit it on an appropriate website.

Social Bookmarking​:

Social bookmarks inform search engine algorithms that their material is important. They will improve your authority and your reputation. This improves your ranking of keywords relevant to your company. Spread your article with different titles on social bookmarking sites.

Infographic Submission​ :

 Infographics reflect your message in an effective and visually appealing way, and may also support the interest of your readers. Infographics, when used in combination with other web features, promotes higher ranking in search engines. Infographic makes complex subjects fun and easy to understand. Include graphs or charts in your article which you post on different websites.

Video & Image Submission:​

Image sharing means putting your image on various sites communicates with people creating quality backlinks and getting visitors to your website. It is one of the useful off-page SEO techniques that can be used to promote their products or websites to various image-sharing sites. Post images & videos on appropriate platforms to attract traffic.


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